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Sunday, November 21, 2004
Where Credit is Due.
I can't complain about today's column by Thomas, "Postcards From Iraq". At least he trusts the men (and women) on the ground.
Readers regularly ask me when I will throw in the towel on Iraq. I will be guided by the U.S. Army and Marine grunts on the ground. They see Iraq close up. Most of those you talk to are so uncynical - so convinced that we are doing good and doing right, even though they too are unsure it will work. When a majority of those grunts tell us that they are no longer willing to risk their lives to go out and fix the sewers in Sadr City or teach democracy at a local school, then you can stick a fork in this one. But so far, we ain't there yet. The troops are still pretty positive.

If you want to get some sense of the noble work our soldiers are doing check out the Defend America website. Specifically check out the photo essays, whether they're about fighting or building, they're very impressive.


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